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Ari Lashes

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What can we say about Ari? She's definitely not for the faint of heart. Ari is a bold 25mm eyelash that is super fluffy. This lash fits all eye shapes with its perfect weft pattern that can be trimmed perfectly. Our fluffy mink lashes in style Ari will have you stepping out BOLD! Duh?! It's a Lifestyle :). These long fluffy eyelashes are dramatic enough for the perfect finish. Ari can also be found in our super fluffy lash book.

Okay Dolls! First things First! Let's get in formation. Get All your supplies. Make sure you have your eyelash adhesive, eyeliner, mascara and of course your eyelashes to ensure a seamless and quick application.

  • Measure  your fluffy eyelash extensions against your eye shape. This will help you trim the eyelash properly so that they fit your eye width.  Use your eyelash mascara to brush out the lashes. 
  • Apply your eyelash adhesive to the fluffy eyelash extensions. Wait for it to get a bit tacky. Look down and apply to your lash line. 
  • For Removal, use your normal makeup remover or a dab of coconut oil to the eyelid for a painless removal.
  •  Take of the leftover eyelash adhesive and store safely in its lash box.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews

    I didn’t receive them although I ordered them . They were missing from my order

    Emma Bancroft

    i love this style it’s my go to lash, they are so lightweight and pretty. i just got my hair chopped off and these make me feel just like my old self but elevated!!




    Second time purchasing the style Ari (; absolutely OBSESSED!

    Marleni Partida
    Best Lashes ever!!

    I love these lashes! These are my all time faves!! They have the most beautiful curve that compliment my eyes! & I’m always getting compliments on them!!! I definitely recommend!!!